Connecticut Personnel List

Name Title Ext. Mobile Email
Gary Byram Principal – Specification Sales x103 860-463-2699
Jessica Call Project Manager x131
Chardia Campbell Order Entry x247
Corinne Carnevale Project Manager/National Accounts x314
Dan Carnevale Specification Sales – Massachusetts x119 860-882-2124
Mike Cole, LC Specification Sales – W. Massachusetts & Connecticut **** 860-388-8509
Brittney Dalkowski Applications Specialist x124
Bruce Dalkowski Controls Specialist x303
Dave Dow Distributor, ESCO & MRO Sales **** 860-681-7439
Lauren Erickson Applications Specialist x313
Sharon Karrass Quotations & Distributor/Contractor Sales x105
Chris LaRocco Distributor/Contractor Sales – Connecticut x331 860-690-8053
Fran Larson Order Entry x106
Sean Leckie Project Manager x227
Marissa Lemoine Quotations x213
Clint MacKeen Principal – Distributor/Contractor Sales x102 860-729-2512
Tom Minnick, LC, LEED AP Specification Sales – Connecticut **** 203-530-0208
Mike Nelson Director of Distributor Sales **** 203-651-9251
Kevin O’Brien Controls Specialist **** 816-898-3808
Mark Olerud Director of Control Division x154 860-212-4835
Bruno Oliveira Quotations & Project Management – Rhode Island x225
Jeff Parizeau Distributor & Contractor Sales **** 860-682-8238
Sylvia Perdikis, RLA Outdoor Lighting Specialist **** 860-707-3024
David Rinn Quotations Department Manager – CT **** 860-436-7575
Ken Royer Projects Department Manager x110 860-202-9888
Kimberly Royer Submittal Coordinator/Project Manager x310
Robert Tierney, PE Principal – Specification Sales – Connecticut x107 860-575-2705
Sheena Tinglin Project Manager x115
Chris Twigg, LC Specification Support x232
Ken Violette Principal – Distributor/Contractor Sales x101 860-883-3220