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Standard, modified and custom solutions used in large spaces such as offices and hotels.

Combo units; full range of recessed, surface & pendant multiples, contemporary decorative.

Recessed and pendant small profile T5HO linear fluorescent and LED architectural systems.

Energy efficient indoor/outdoor LED, fluorescent & plasma luminaires.

Leading innovator of theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting.

RLM\'s, bathbars and decorative. Broad array of commercial and ornamental site lighting.

Decorative LED & incandescent lighting with vintage aesthetics while utilizing modern technology.

Decorative architectural interior/exterior along with table and floor lamps.

Decorative pendant and surface mounted LED lighting.

LIFE SAFETY! Exit signs, emergency lighting, solid state lighting, ballasts, AC systems, and accessories.

Low-voltage and LED; cove, accent, step, pathway (aisles), theater, directional lighting, tree string lights, festoon lighting systems.

Intelligent LED illumination, fully controllable technology to suit nearly any application and accomplish any desired effect.

Expansive selection of ceiling fans & light kits. Energy Star partner.

Architectural and commercial dimming and lighting control systems.

Contemporary decorative lighting.

Commercial LED, HID and fluorescent interior products.

Architectural linear LED and fluorescent recessed and pendant mounted systems.

American made custom LED lighting solutions & retrofit kits.

Complete centralized and stand-alone digital lighting controls solutions including controllers, relay panels, sensors, switch stations for commercial, educational, and sports facilities.

Prime supplier of high quality, cost effective, environmentally friendly LED lamp and lighting fixture solutions.

Contemporary specification grade decorative interior LED components.

LED retrofit kit, ballasts and lamps.

Lumiledge, LED profiles, cove, task and indirect.

Contractor grade retrofit, remodeling & new construction LED products for an array of applications.

Industrial & commercial, interior & exterior LED high bay lighting.

Flexible AC wiring systems.

Emergency lighting: LED, custom signage, edgelit and self luminous exit signs.

LED light panel integration for signage, advertising & back lighting

Emergency unit equipment, exit signs and AC systems.

LED landscape lighting and high bays.

LED high bay/low bay retrofit solutions.

Exceptional quality outdoor LED luminaires designed with attention to detail, suitable for indoor applications.

Flexible linear LED tape and mirror lighting.

Emergency lighting control products, shunt relays, switch activated relays, fan controllers and A/C power supplies.

Decorative LED, incandescent, CFL interior, exterior and bath lighting.

LED canopy, outdoor, retrofit, high bay, and vapor proof lighting.

UL wet listed linear lighting.

Specification grade LED architectural building mounted & site lighting.

Application-specific LED light fixtures created for Air Domes, Butler Buildings and Fabric-Over-Steel sports facilities.

Retrofit LEDs designed for any fixture using proprietary SOLSTICE® LED modules. Made in USA.

Indoor HID, LED and fluorescent horticulture lighting and ventilation solutions.

Highly adjustable LED point-source downlight solutions.

Municipal, utility, commercial and residential decorative outdoor lighting.

Fluorescent, LED & HID interior and exterior products. Quick Ship available. American Made!

Architectural grade exterior lighting made premium metals & custom capabilities.

Custom decorative ceiling fixtures, pendants, wall sconces, headboard/reading lights, table and floor lamps.

European manufacturer of high end LED exterior, in-ground, track and interior lighting.

Custom hand forged metal work and architectural LED light fixtures.

Emergency inverters and battery cabinets.

Exterior LED & HID hazardous location lighting.

Bacteria killing LED luminaires for medical, surgical and locker room applications.

A group of contemporary luminaire manufacturers incorporating global style into every-day lighting.

Specification grade track lighting for retail & hospitality applications.

Architectural vandal resistant, healthcare, detention and parking structures.

Offers a wide breadth of linear fluorescent pendants and recessed direct/indirect products, most of which employ patented MesoOptic technology.

Architectural LED & HID track and recessed accent lighting for retail and museum applications.

US manufacturer of plaster, concrete and linear lighting fixtures with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Interior architectural fluorescent and LED downlighting, track, decorative, exit and emergency.

Wide range of high performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design.

Retrofit louvers and lenses, lamp overlays and LED replacement lamps.

Solid state lighting for library stacks.

Flexible LED light strips and panels.

Specification grade ornamental, traditional, contemporary, low level and pedestrian outdoor lighting. New LifeLED LED product.

Dynamic line of decorative ceiling, wall, floor and table lights.

Emergency transfer relays; switchbox mount and dimming circuit models available.

Poles; steel and aluminum of all shapes and sizes.

Incorporating blown and fused glass, fabric and perforated metal shades into lighting.

Decorative indoor & outdoor lighting fixtures from Italy. Part of the LOFFKo Group.

METALUMEN is a luminaire manufacturer supplying an array of architectural LED lighting systems.

METEOR specializes in developing high output LED luminaires (4000lm to 58000lm) with advanced flicker-free dimming technology [DMX, TRIAC, 0-10V] that dims to 0.1%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%-1%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%. Product line includes cylinder, recessed downlight, specialty high bay, & solar LED in-grade and bollards.

Specification grade exterior architectural lighting manufactured in Germany.

Specializes in flexible linear LED lighting.

Innovative & contemporary landscape furnishings with integrated lighting.

Low voltage rail, cable and pendant systems; LED and CF products.

Architectural linear, high-bay & recessed LED luminaires.

Decorative indoor & outdoor lighting fixtures from Italy. Part of the LOFFKo Group.

Seamless LED and fluorescent shadow-free, dimmable cove lighting.

Contemporary decorative lighting.

Commercial and residential quality cathode lighting systems.

Wireless lighting controls and sensors focusing on energy savings with user friendly control and reporting dashboard software support.

Street lighting and furniture items, with a special attention to technological and design solutions that work well with their architectural context.

Offers a variety of fluorescent, HID, induction and LED luminaries.

Buy American Act compliant LED retrofit luminaires. Part of the Axis Group.

HID dimming, distributed lighting controls, emergency ballasts and long-distance igniters.

Connector strips, floor pockets and boxes.

Innovative decorative LED solutions for the office and home.

Full line of indoor and outdoor lighting control solutions; including occupancy/vacancy sensors, relay panels, room control and wireless solutions.


LED/HID roadway luminaires, tunnel/underpass and highmast luminaires.

Obstruction and aviation signal lighting.

Illuminates flags and banners by placing an energy efficient lighting system on the flag pole.

LED tape light, linear, downlight and track fixture manufacturer.

Specification grade, flush recessed downlights, accent lights, wall washers and grazers. LED components.

Interior/exterior LED luminaries with a focus on retail & showroom applications.

Innovative quality luminaires that stand out due to their size, design and performance.

Designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional theatrical and architectural lighting.

Innovative fixtures designed to help architects and lighting professionals create exceptional interior and exterior spaces to live and work.

Wireless LED lamps with 2-way audio, video and Bluetooth controls capabilities.

Decorative and specialty LED down lights.

European manufacturer of high end LED exterior and interior lighting.

Offering a wide variety of lighting including residential, commercial, interior & exterior lighting solutions.

Natatorium/Delta Rail; LED interior pendants, surface and recessed; exterior architectural area lighting, post tops, bollards and surface sconces.

LED downlights, linear, and landscape lighting.

Provides flexible LED ribbons and border tubes.

Washing and grazing lighting systems as well as quality picture lights.

Specification and commercial grade downlights & cylinders. Full range of RLMs and pitlights/jelly jars. Efex high end residential downlights. Decorative high-bays. Quickship available.

Emergency lighting transfer cabinets, theatrical distribution.

Infrared occupancy sensors, dual tech sensors, wall switches and wireless high bay controls.

Light poles, bollards and urban furniture incorporating both wood and metal.

Theatrical lighting and control systems.

LED and fluorescent indoor/outdoor and high-bay lighting fixtures.

Commercial exterior LED and HID area, wall, flood and sign lighting.

Full line of energy star residential scale decorative exterior/interior sconces, pendants and downlights.

Decorative, hand-crafted LED fixtures made by Hubbardton Forge in collaboration with Swarovski crystals.

Interior decorative LED surface mount, pendants monopoints and track systems.

HID floods, area lighting, roadway and bollards.

LED interior and exterior lighting: recessed panels, high bay, canopy, and high mast fixtures; led linear tube and HID retrofit lamps.

Versatile fiber optic lighting solutions.

Concrete poles, structures and associated outdoor products.

Vaya products are economical interior and exterior LED luminaires. They are designed for the cost-conscious buyer who is unwilling to compromise on quality and reliability.

Decorative, hand-crafted LED fixtures made by Hubbardton Forge in collaboration with local Vermont craftsman and woodworkers.

Fiber optic & LED lighting.

Cast iron poles, bases & bollards.

Fiber optic & LED lighting.

American made commercial, industrial & decorative LED fixtures.

Functional and aesthetically designed LED lighting creations featuring color temp tuning, WiFi and smartphone compatibility.

Architectural illuminated LED handrail.

LED, fluorescent and halogen lighting solutions for both interior and exterior using a diverse range of architectural, office, medical and industrial applications.

Lit and unlit concrete and specialty bollards.

Architectural exterior site products: decorative post top, bollards, inground, floods and steplights.

Luminaires blend with adjoining surfaces to create integrated lighting schemes. Large family allows for complete installations with unified style.

European lighting solutions - linear profiles, precision downlights and custom modular systems perfect for all interior applications.

Trendsetting designs from Europe’s finest industrial designers and artisans, encompassing modern and contemporary solutions.

European specification grade exterior luminaires; in-ground, façade wall washers, grazers, spots, canopy, floods, bollard/pedestrian, for architecture and landscapes.

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